Congratulations to our company on the successful listing of "new third board"
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  •  On February 23, 2018, guangdong south China vaccine stock transfer system co., LTD., in the national small and medium-sized enterprises (hereinafter referred to as the "new three board") listed public transfer, stock abbreviation: south China vaccine, stock code: 872683, become another important milestone in the history of the history of the company.
          The south China vaccine is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research and development of the genetically engineered insect baculovirus vaccine, and the first vaccine research and development enterprise in China for the detection of insect cells (BEVS) system. The company has applied for 14 patents of biomedical technology and vaccine-related technology (2 PCT patents), and has obtained 6 patent certificates. The company has been selected as the pioneer team of guangzhou, the national high-tech enterprise, the new research and development organization of guangdong province, guangzhou enterprise research and development organization, guangzhou science and technology small giant enterprise.
          The successful landing of "new third board" will help the company to realize comprehensive and rapid development in r&d innovation and market development with the power of capital market. It will help the company to standardize its operation in the future development, establish a more scientific and reasonable management structure system, and effectively improve the operation management level. It is helpful for the company to realize the social value of the company and attract more excellent talents to join our team and reserve the strength for the company's sustainable development.
          We believe that, in the "new three board", only is the south China vaccine development and an important node in the process of new start, we will be under the leadership of the board of directors, with the aid of this platform, the "new three board" for enterprises to develop faster and better!



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